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Shepaug Friends of Music Awards 2011 Scholarships

Shepaug Friends of Music is proud to announce the award of three $1,000 Merit Scholarships and one $5,000 Recurring Scholarship. The Merit Scholarships were awarded to Sarah Irwin, Jesse Steinmetz and Sarah Swanson. A new Recurring Scholarship was awarded to Callie Huber, as well as to 4th year recipients Jenna Bollard and Charlie Van Kirk. The Recurring Scholarship is given over four years to a student who pursues a music-related education. All of these students consistently contributed to the success of Shepaug High School music programs through their commitment and dedication.

In addition to the high school scholarships, inscribed plaques were awarded to students in honor of their outstanding contribution to the music programs in their schools.

Shepaug Valley Middle School Awards were given to Ryan Bollard and Sebastian Taylor.

Burnham School Awards were given to Katie Denyko and Michael Fiore.
Washington Primary School Awards were given to Rosalyn Pinney and Jake Sirowich.
Booth Free School Awards were given to Emma Krebs and James Kennedy.
2011 New Board of Directors

At the Annual Meeting held September 23, 2011 the new members of the Board of Directors were presented and approved. We welcome Wayne Hileman and Paul Doherty to new two-year terms. New officers for the 2011-2012 year were elected and approved: Sara Taylor, President; David Kellogg, Vice-President; Mark Kaufman, Treasurer; Deb Blank, Secretary. The Board of Directors thanked departing members Kirk Dulaney (President), Mickey Morris, Lisa Worth Huber and Susan Walker for their valuable service to Shepaug Friends of Music. We wish them well!
2011 President's Report

As we close the 2010 - 2011 fiscal year, we are also celebrating the eighth anniversary of Shepaug Friends of Music.

Over the past year we have maintained our financial stability and continued to offer and provide major support to all aspects of the music and theatre departments at Shepaug, as well as to other community events. This was made possible through the dedication of our board members and the continued generosity of our donors. Positive awareness and support of our organization continued to grow throughout our schools and community. We are also grateful for the collaboration and support of other town – sponsored committees and are looking forward to co – sponsoring more events with them in the future.

In preparation for tonight’s meeting, I want to state how proud and inspired I am by our mission, our board members, our donors and everyone else who participated in our success this year. Our country has been experiencing significant financial stress over the past few years and we have seen a drop in our donor and quartet club memberships and participation. To meet this challenge this year, we created and distributed a holiday compact disc last year, that was comprised of local talent and past scholarship winners. This venture proved extremely successful and continued to generate revenues ($1265) this fiscal year. In addition, we held a fundraiser at the Maywood estate last September, which brought in a net revenue of $7580. Combined with individual donations ($6,815), proceeds from our annual Messiah sing a long ($1,884) and interest on bank accounts ($69.28), or total revenue for this year totaled $17,613.28 The board will continue to meet our challenges going forward through a variety of new fund raising endeavors. We are currently exploring new ways of increasing our membership.

Shepaug Friends of Music continued to deliver on our promise to improve the quality of Region 12’s musical education, in spite of difficult economic conditions. We bought instruments, provided accompanists for soloists and ensemble events, and funded professional workshops - to name just a few. We also awarded $8,000 in scholarships; bringing our total to $48,000 awarded to date. This is an accomplishment we can all be extremely proud of. We have five members who are stepping down this year.

The board gives special thanks to Joy Bollard, Lisa Huber, Mickey Morris and Susan Walker, each of whom brought unique talents and contributions to our organization. We will miss them very much. In addition, I too must leave as my term is up. It has been a privilege to serve as president of the Shepaug Friends of Music these past three years. I am so proud of what our organization has accomplished and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a board composed of hard working, talented and wonderful people. I am confident that I leave the Shepaug Friends of Music in competent hands. Our mission to enrich our children’s musical education is what drives us forward, in addition to providing the communities of Roxbury, Washington and Bridgewater with quality musical events. I look forward to hearing about this upcoming successful and prosperous year.


Kirk Dulaney President