Shepaug Friends of Music
Providing music opportunities for the youth of the Shepaug Valley Region.
Who We Are

The Shepaug Friends of Music is a non-profit organization incorporated under section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue service code.  The purpose of the organization is to foster an appreciation of music among elementary, middle and high school students who reside in or attend school within the Shepaug Valley region, through training and performance that goes beyond the opportunities available through existing educational curriculum.

Funding for the Shepaug Friends of Music is through individual donations, endowment gifts or corporate sponsorships.


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What We Do
2013 Shepaug Band marches in New Preston on Memorial Day. It plays in four ceremonies throughout Region-12
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Contact us:

Shepaug Friends of Music
P.O. Box 83
Roxbury, CT 06783
Email: Wayne Hileman [email protected]

Board of Directors 2014-2015:

Wayne Hileman, President
Pels Matthews, Vice President
Michael Gorra, Secretary
Laura DaFonte, Treasurer
Kerry Schurr
David Kellogg
Tina Barbarovic
Greg Cava

Education Advisory Committee

Victoria Boretsky
Beth Harvison
Jason Malli
Adam Nanavaty
Albert Rivera
Doug Winkel

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The wonderful song "Fast Pace" that you hear in the background of this page is written and performed by Jenna Bollard, Shepaug High School Class of 2007
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