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Financial Assistance Application Process and Request Form

The Shepaug Friends of Music is a non-profit organization incorporated under section 501 © 3 of the Internal Revenue Service code. The purpose of the organization is to foster an appreciation of music among elementary, middle and high school students who reside in or attend school within the Shepaug Valley region, through training and performance that goes beyond the opportunities available through existing educational curriculum.

The Shepaug Friends of Music accepts requests for financial assistance from organizations and individuals on an on-going basis. However, all requests must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of needed funds or date of the event for which assistance is being requested, whichever comes first.

Requests for financial assistance for activities or events that have taken place prior to the date of request will not be considered.

Requests for financial assistance to be used specifically for “transportation” will not be considered.


Requests must be submitted in a format consistent with the following:

• Completion of a standard SFOM Financial Assistance Request Form

• Letter from a qualified representative of the organization requesting assistance stating need, beneficiaries and benefits to the community

• Program date(s)

• Program budget

• List of other funding sources related to the project or program for which financial assistance is being requested (if applicable)

The Awards Committee meets on a monthly basis to review these requests and may require additional information in order to clarify any questions that may arise while reviewing the request.


Requests for financial assistance are considered based on the following:

• Requested financial assistance clearly falls within the stated purpose of the Shepaug Friends of Music

• Accuracy and timeliness of the application process (application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of funding need)

• Proof of benefit to music and music programming for students in the Shepaug Valley area

• Additional benefit to members of the community

• Proof of additional funding sources (if applicable)

The Shepaug Friends of Music reserves the right to deny any request at any time if the Board of Directors deems it appropriate.

Click here for Financial Assistance Form