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AWARDS Awards Archive 1
Five scholarships given to Shepaug Valley High School Seniors.

Shepaug Friends of Music is proud to announce the award of four Merit Scholarships. The Merit Scholarships were awarded to Dana Walker ($1,000), Summer Mercier, Anastasia Oberndorfer, Nate Steers and Taylor Weston ($ 500 each). Recurring Scholarship awards were also given to past graduates Callie Huber in her final year at Berklee School of Music, and Grace Kellogg starting her sophomore year at Muhlenberg College.
Shepaug Friends of Music 2014 Merit Scholarships
Eighth Grade Graduate Awards

The Shepaug Friends of Music recognized two eighth grade students at the Shepaug Valley Middle School who, through attitude, conduct and achievements have done the most to promote the best interests of the school's music programs in the 2013-14 academic year.

Congratulations to Connor Richardson for his contributions to Band, and to Fiona Wilson for her contributions to Chorus

Fifth Grade Awards

In addition, awards were given to 2 graduating Fifth Grade students from each school for their dedication and commitment to music, as well as their contributions to the success of the Elementary school's music program.

Burnham School Awards were given to Kayleigh Hendy and Everett Herrington.
Washington Primary School Awards were given to Brooke Mercier and Emmett O'Malley.
Booth Free School Awards were given to Katherine Hodge and William Cario.